About me

My name is Fedor Lavrentyev.

I am an expert in building complex big data processing. It often includes machine learning, if you doubt. I have been working on this field since 2011, and before I had worked for 4 years as system administrator. Also I’ve taught Java in MIPT for several years.

During my career I’ve designed and implemented about a dozen of various huge data processing systems, worked with a lot of SQL and NoSQL databases, gained practical experience with most of modern big data frameworks.

Areas of my professional interests are software architecture, batch and stream processing, applied machine learning, and programming in general, of course. Also I have some liberal hobbies like economics, product development, and personal growth.

Now I usually work as a contractor, and sometimes I involve a team of a few very experienced guys who I know well. If you face any issues with heavy analytics or data processing – write me, I’ll help.

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